Most of my time I spend on my Side Projects. I experiment with a variety of stuff and hone my skills with these projects. I mostly use Python and Go for these stuff and sometime JavaScript. For backend stuff I use either FastAPI or Django(Python) and Echo or Gin for Go. For frontend, I always prefer Vue.js or just use a templating library(Jinja or Go Templates). Checkout my GitHub for other projects


  • A minimal and Fast Shell Prompt made with Go
  • My First ever Go project


  • Self Updating GitHub Action for GitHub Profile Readme
  • 300+ stars on GitHub


  • Archie is a theme for Hugo
  • I developed it in 2020 and it’s the same theme that powers this site.

Some other Projects are

  • JioFi CLI a CLI for a JioFi router. It connects to the JioFi server and fetches info via HTTP requests. Built with Python
  • Hopp CLI official CLI for the HoppScotch Project. Made with Go and it features include Multiple HTTP Requests and Documentation Generation for HTTP Requests.
  • zet is a fork of zettel which is a Site Generator for Digital Gardens. My fork includes many new features like search, better Graph stylings and faster pages.
  • TermChat can be used to send messages from terminal via websockets.
  • Jimbru is an Analytics server and dashboard built with FastAPI and Jinja2.
  • MailMon is a small server which sends Newsletters and Emails for multiple people. Made with Go and Vue.js.